Fri 28th August 2020

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haha some of these are almost a year old

metaranitar (28th aug 2020)
i made a joke about a pokétaur where the back end is a regular metagross… and then i drew that. the front is the robotic tyranitar from the pokéstar studios thing
oops (9th june 2020)
using a keyboard is hard when you have big dumb plappers
mask (29th may 2020)
trying to make a krita brush that looks like watercolour. unsuccessfully
juice (24th may 2020)
idk. these gecs be soft
pissbaby (22nd may 2020)
oh you know
big nisse/lil niss (21st may 2020)
what if nisse was the big one and niss was the little one!
glare (18th may 2020)
based on a photo of a little lizard standing on a big lizard’s head
niss (19th april 2020)
i just hadn’t drawn a whole geck in a while
pocket (20th march 2020)
oh! was beginning to think i’d lost him
dragon (16th jan 2020)
it was dragon appreciation day! please appreciate this very real dragon
fluff (11th dec 2019)
what if niss had a winter coat?
loaf & smirk (5th oct 2019)
based on some photos of sea lions doing good faces