the goo

Sat 6th March 2021
updated Wed 17th March 2021

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the goo / goodra


it, they, or just goo


around 6’ (180 cm) tall is most ‘natural’, but it varies wildly


water dragon


rest, snore, amnesia, hydro pump


rain dish




hp atk def s.atk s.def spd
438 17 183 29 230 36
base stats
hp atk def s.atk s.def spd
260 10 130 20 150 30
relaxed, with a sweet tooth
iv "decent"
hp atk def s.atk s.def spd
31 0 9 1 12 0
hp atk def s.atk s.def spd
252 0 4 0 252 0

here is the spreadsheet i used to calculate this, in case it saves someone a little bit of work with their own pokésonas


it’s a big goodra made of slime! like all slimes, that means it can shapeshift. it takes a little bit of concentration to do it—more the further away from this form it goes—so as soon as it relaxes it flops back into goo-taur shape. since concentrating is hard it doesn’t bother with it too much, but it can be fun sometimes!

in its default form most of its body feels like it has a kind of membrane over it, but its bellies are translucent and gooey. you can stick your hand in there and you won’t feel much resistance. in fact, it has a big plastic heart-shaped box in its chest that it keeps its day-to-day bits in.

it can talk just fine, but like q.t., it doesn’t really like to that much. most of the time it just makes quiet goodra noises or says stuff like “goo goo goodra!” repeatedly.

its slime is water-based. it can absorb or release water to adjust its size as much as it wants to for shape-shifting purposes. over the course of a day it loses water from its gooey belly dragging on the ground and making a snail trail. as this happens it keeps the same shape and proportions, but gradually shrinks until it gets a chance to absorb more. the slime left behind evaporates at a normal rate, and becomes pure water (vapour) after it does.

other than topping up its water supply, it doesn’t need to eat, drink, or breathe. it can taste everything inside its body, so it sometimes likes to swallow food whole, either through its mouth or just by shoving it directly into its belly. it doesn’t get digested, so it just floats around inside until it lets it back out.


added more text stuff
slimy tail, ‘wide load’ sticker