Tue 14th September 2021

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kezda's my old pathfinder character. we don’t play that game any more but i was thinking about them again for some reason

kezda facts!

  1. they’re based on a leopard gecko. that part is obvious i hope
  2. their familiar is a crested gecko called izzy. i really put as much gec as i could into them
  3. use any pronoun for her. he has no idea what the difference between them is actually meant to be. it just knows you have to memorise which ones each human uses otherwise you get in trouble. kobolds don’t have this “gender” thing. i use “they” out of habit but i’ve since decided that literally anything goes
  4. their first month of apprenticeship they took their 1gp allowance into the city and spent it on all the shiny coloured glass they could afford.
  5. they want to be an artificer when they grow up. they enchanted their hat all by themselves!