Fri 5th November 2021

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vey/vem, zey/zem or dey/dem; not they/them please


old for a yinglet. like 27 or so


bip is a yinglet like from that one comic. looks like some of the Odd Ones are, uh, especially odd.

vey use f/v for θ/ð

if you are drawing them

  • thank you for agreeing to this herculean task. sixteen legs! lol
  • the jewellery and vitiligo blotches can just be placed at random. don’t worry about things like that.
  • garish clothing patterns are nice but optional. if you can't get your paint program to do most of the work then something simple is fine.
  • the vitiligo shows up in the fur on veir shins/forearms, veir chin, and hairless parts like inside veir ears or on veir paw pads
  • vey’re pretty old, so the hair on veir head, ears, and thighs is going a bit grey
  • try whatever colour of hair dye/nail polish you feel like, obviously