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about q.t.

Sat 13th March 2021


q.t., for “quoxtaur”, or “cutie”




around 20’ (609 cm) tall


dragon fire (regular form),

dragon bed (plush form)


teleport, dragon dance, earthquake, flamethrower


the quox is from this impossibly difficult series of games by namco. in the quest of ki, the quox looks like this. obviously, i love them.

(thx retropals for suffering through tower of druaga and introducing everyone to this friend)

anyway, q.t. is a big soft dragon. it has a stone helmet, which is busted up a bit (it’s clumbsy…) and its tongue is always flopping out. all four of its legs have knees, so it has a very weird gait that i hope i get good enough to animate some time. the wings/fins on its back are flexible so it can lay on its back just fine, but it can’t move them so it can’t use them to fly. its belly is extremely soft and huggable.

unlike niss, q.t. can actually talk just fine. it doesn’t like to very much, though. it usually just says quiet. but it purrs when petted by a friend.

it is pretty sure it can breathe fire like other quoxes (when it isn’t a plush), but it has never needed to. it does find fun uses for its portal magic though, which has a max range of a hundred metres or so. it can also change colour at will; the lilac and green colour scheme is its favourite but it changes it up pretty often.

q.t.’s three dicks are constantly slick and dripping when it is aroused, and they can be way bigger than depicted here at times. the inside of its slit is very sensitive, and becomes basically invisible when everything is packed away. its plush form has a similar setup. how does it work? who knows! how does it manage to clean itself up? who cares! it all just works out.

its plush form has a compartment inside its bellies that it is happy to let its friends chill out inside. it can clean its insides in the same mysterious way it cleans its outsides, so it is also happy for you to get up to activities in there.

todo list

  • plush form
  • hydra form?
  • what are its teeth like??